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My name is Tani Lamb, and I am addicted to travelling. The first step to recovery is awareness, and I am aware that I would rather be anywhere, but home.

There are a few things that I deeply care about. God, travel, exercise, food, and culture. All of these things have greatly influenced who I am today. I will briefly explain the importance of these items, since this is an introduction.

Church was an enormous component of my upbringing. I spent many weekdays and weekends within the walls of my grandfather’s church. This experience had a colossal impact on my destination choices once I was began to travel solo..  I was “that” child in Sunday School that flipped to the map in the back of the Bible. I had to pinpoint the exact location of each particular story. I always questioned the quality and accuracy of the one antiquated map in the appendix. I definitely needed more details and pixels. Well, that day finally came, when I received my World Book encyclopedias and had access to a plethora of maps with detailed descriptions about the terrain, the people and the weather. This brought me great joy and also firmly placed the Middle East at the top of my list. Egypt made my travel list at lucky number seven.

Church is a very social enterprise and helped me travel at a very young age. My grandfather’s church attended many church conventions in neighboring and regional states. This allowed me to explore larger cities and town and sparked a curiosity within me. People often ask where I got the “travel bug”. I believe that I was born with the travel bug and the early exposure helped nourish the desire.