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Well, then there is that saying about history, “those that do not know history, are doomed to be oblivious when they are viewing artifacts stored in the incredible museums around the world.” Ok, maybe you are not familiar with this quote, because It is mine. This is just the way I feel about history.  I was a geeky child that read a lot, and loved to learn historical facts about places, and events that occurred before my arrival. I could not wait until I was able to jet set and see everything in person. My first spectacular experience was the British Museum    I had a four-hour artifact binge with little food, water or sleep. I soon had a real-life lesson and learned what happens after the culture high is over and jet lag has finally arrived. This situation was then compounded, with the task of trying to navigate my way back to Oxford Street.

In addition to museums, I also love live music, operas, theatre and the occasional fútbol match. Knowing the history of the destination will give you a deeper connection to the places that you are exploring. 

Well this concludes my introductions. I decided to write this blog in order to share my experiences. Friends, family members and clients are always inquiring about my destinations. So, yes, the time has finally come for me to put pen to paper and share what I know. At the time of this blog entry, I have visited 36 countries and set foot on six of the seven continents. I have been to over 30 States within the United States. I am naturally curious and barring immediate war, I will pretty much travel anywhere once.  I will give you my perspective through my eyes and I hope you enjoy. Happy travels. Ciao!