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Anywhere Once: The Jewelry

I am definitely a girly girl. I love makeup, hair and all things shiny . These obsessions make my love and collecting of jewelry an obvious obsession. For me, travel is about the experience of being in that exact moment in time, and not allowing yourself to be restricted by preconceived restraints of what is considered normal. I like to learn about the people and the location that I am visiting before I arrive. This allows me to feel like an integral part of their society, not just an observer.  When I wear a piece of jewelry purchased from a particular location, it helps me relive the breathtaking emersion of the experience.

The Jade

I love scenic views and hustling cities, so Hong Kong lived up to my expectations. Hong Kong is filled with enchantments; the astonishing view atop Victoria Peak , the custom suit tailors and the endless shopping in Mong Kok. While embracing the shopping culture of this enthralling city I noticed one item that seemed to be in surplice, jade. Before travelling to Hong Kong, I did a little research to better understand one of the hottest commodities in Hong Kong.

This is a summary of what I learned.

1.   Surprise! The Jade being sold at the souvenir stores is probably counterfeit.  Even the authenticity of jade sold at generic jewelry stores is a little vague, but I took my chances with a reputable jeweler.  There are multiple tests that one can perform to determine the integrity of the jade, none can really be performed on the spot. It is highly unlikely that the jeweler will let you take a pair of sharp scissors to his jade, and start scratching like D.J. Such and Such on a turntable.  With that being said, if you are not looking to spend a lot of money and you are just interested in an intricate souvenir, you can buy on the street. For a better chance at genuine Jade, buy from a reputable jeweler. You can also check with your hotel for jeweler recommendations.

2.   Jade comes in six natural colors: black, white, lavender, red, yellow and green. The most expensive Jade is the green Jade. The more transparent the green, the more it’s value increases. I stopped in one jewelry store and saw a bangle that cost over $10,000. With that being said, if you see pink Jade for $50, it is probably an imposter.


3.    There are two types of Jade. Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is the more expensive of the pair and the highest quality Jadeite can cost more per carat than quality diamonds. Nephrite is softer and lacks the luster of Jadeite.


This is what I discovered before heading to Hong Kong. This is another helpful link  I hope this information will help you find the piece of Jade that you just love, and brings you wonderful memories of China.  Happy shopping and be sure to get a foot reflexology massage to restore your feet after pounding the pavement. Ciao!

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The United States Virgin Islands are as scenic as a postcard. On my first visit, I stayed on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. Each island has its own personality and appeal. St. Thomas has the hustle and bustle of Main Street in downtown Charlotte Amalie. On Main Street and the surrounding area, there is a plethora of duty free shops, jewelry stores and restaurants that line the picturesque waterfront. Then, there is the relaxed island of St. Croix, with the more tranquil Christiansted leading the way. I fully embraced St. Croix’s vibe and stayed at the Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort and Spa, it was like paradise.

Even though these Islands seemingly have their own personalities, I noticed a mutual occurrence.  Almost everyone was wearing at least one Hook Bracelet.  I was vaguely familiar with this bracelet because I had received one as a souvenir from Sonya Ltd on the island of St. Croix. I had to learn the history behind these beautiful bracelets. I always love a good back story.

I found a few stories about the origins of the Hook Bracelet. My favorite is the fisherman story. Since the bracelet is latched with a design resembling a fisherman’s hook and the story’s backdrop is an Island, I deemed this scenario the most interesting. You can find the story on the attached link

I hope you enjoy your bracelet as much as I enjoy mine. Good luck!